enamel revival


Ex-Daughter of Style, Marianne Eriksen, dusts off some nearly forgotten jewelry treasures.


By Camilla Alfthan, Berlingske Tidende, November, 2010

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tadao ando’s italian gem


Minimalism rules in Fabrica’s celebrated building by Tadao Ando which has raised the bar in an otherwise industrial area.

By Camilla Alfthan, BE, November 2009.

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cool carpets


A couple’s passion for carpets has inspired fashion designers and editors alike.

By Camilla Alfthan, Berlingske Tidende, December 2006.

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jomfruens egede

Design, Nordic styles, Sport, lifestyle

The manor of King Christian V’s preffered mistress is turned into a hotel.

By Camilla Alfthan, photos Claus Bech-Poulsen, Mad&Bolig, April-May 2006.

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georg jensen revisited

Design, Nordic styles

A bike and an open fire place are among the new decors in Georg Jensen’s Madison store which is designed to resemble a modern Scandinavian home.

By Camilla Alfthan, Berlingske Tidende, December 2009.

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helsinki’s new cool

Design, Nordic styles

A young generation of  designers add a new dimension to Finnish design.

By Camilla Alfthan, Living Design, January 2008.

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much ado for a stroller

Arts, culture, Design, Nordic styles

Vibskov takes a baby stroller through his quirky universe.

By Camilla Alfthan, Berlingske Tidende, August 2008.

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eclectic aesthetics


Klavs Rosenfalck moves from fashion to interiors with an eclectic showroom – and home – in Paris.

By Camilla Alfthan, photos Pia Tryde, Mad & Bolig, March 2005.

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private gallery


A private viewing of Jason and Lisbeth McCoy’s own collection in New York.

By Camilla Alfthan, Living Design, fall 2006.

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the minimalist

Design, Nordic styles

In line with his minimal estethics, Harri Koskinen launches a maximum of new designs.

By Camilla Alfthan, Boligen, Berlingske Tidende, April 2010.

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