like a painting

Arts, culture, Fashion

While fashion magazines are fading, fashion photography continues to thrive  in museums and art galleries.

By Camilla Alfthan, Weekendavisen, May 2018

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to be – or #nottobe


In a business where seduction is a part of the game the trick is knowing how not to be #Metoo’ed.

By Camilla Alfthan, Berlingske, January 2018

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eclectic and eccentric

Design, Fashion

“Eclectisism is a way to live your life with your eyes and mind wide open,” explains Lacroix boss, Sacha Walckhoff as he shows his Parisian home.

By Camilla Alfthan, DV, October 2015

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when in rome..

Arts, culture, Fashion

Where cultural treasures are deteriorating, do like Della Valle; he explains why.

By Camilla Alfthan, Berlingske, June 2015

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style games

Fashion, Sport, lifestyle

Tennis was always more than just tennis.

By Camilla Alfthan, Weekendavisen, June 2015

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alessandra facchinetti’s reality


Tod’s talented designer is an added value to the Italian virtues of making hand crafted luxury.

By Camilla Alfthan, ELLE, December 2014.

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the short of the long

Arts, culture, Fashion

David Bailey talks about his work – and the difference between making pictures rather than just taking them – in life as in art.

By Camilla Alfthan, Plaza, February 2014

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craft and eccentricity


Kyoko Shimada has taken the reins of her mum’s fashion house while she’s also launched her own, equestrian brand.

By Camilla Alfthan, ELLE, January 2014

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a jazz age

Arts, culture, Fashion

In an internet era, Bryan Ferry talks about sticking to his roots – in music as well as in fashion.

By Camilla Alfthan, Plaza Uomo, Fall 2013

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Arts, culture, Fashion

Karl Lagerfeld talks about multi tasking as he exhibits his latest art works at the Gmurzynska gallery in St. Moritz –  in the middle of fashion week.

By Camilla Alfthan, ELLE, September 2013

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