mastering gucci


Horses and fashion ride together at the 2nd edition of the Gucci Masters.

By Camilla Alfthan, Ridehesten, January 2011

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everyone’s a winner

Equestrian, Sport, lifestyle

Not just the horses are among the winners at Royal Ascot.

By Camilla Alfthan, Berlingske Tidende,June 2010.

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horse sense

Equestrian, Fashion

Kelly Klein talks about the connection between fashion and horses – and the making of her book, Horse.

By Camilla Alfthan, BerlingskeTidende, 2010.

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fast girls


What it takes to make it as a female jockey.

By Camilla Alfthan, In, June 2010.

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clothes horses

Equestrian, Fashion

Polo players at the British Gold Cup model fall’s fashion.

By Camilla Alfthan, photo Henrik Bülow, Euroman, October 2005.  

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polo play


Baron Elie de Rothschild talks about polo in the old days – and of a certain joie de vivre.

By Camilla Alfthan, PQ International, Summer 2002.

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guru hanut


Polo personalities remember Hanut Singh – a guru on the playing fields from England to India.

By Camilla Alfthan, Jopolo, Fall 2004.

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cowdray viking


Lila Pearson on being the first female patron at the British Gold Cup.

By Camilla Alfthan, photos Tine Harden. Politiken, June 2002.

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polo power


Frederique d’Arragon talks about being the first female to play at Palermo – and of turning her efforts into helping Tibetan kids go to school.

By Camilla Alfthan, Polo Magazine, 2002.

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french phenomena


A visit to Brullemail – the home of France’s leading selle francais as well as Bernard le Courtois.

By Camilla Alfthan, Ridehesten 1999.

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