eccentrics and rarities

Nordic styles

Eccentricity, humour and a different eye sum up  the new generation of cutting edge fashion design.

By Camilla Alfthan, IN magazine, 2004-2005

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northern light

Nordic styles

Sustainability and handmade fashion have long characterized the Nordic designers who often find their inspiration in Nature.

By Camilla Alfthan.

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craft and heritage

Nordic styles

A huge undercurrent of local talent from the Nordic hemisphere.

By Camilla Alfthan, IN Magazine, 2006

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liv it up

Fashion, Nordic styles

After assisting the fashion bravado, John Galliano, Nikoline Liv Andersen continues to work in a theatrical fashion.

By Camilla Alfthan, MS November 2006

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knits and pleats

Nordic styles

Childhoods in far away places and a passion for nostalgia triggered some of the most iconic Nordic names.

By Camilla Alfthan, IN Magazine, 2007-2008

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scandinavian living

Design, Fashion, Nordic styles, Sustainability

Eco friendly fashion from Finland, daring Danes – and a woman flying in the woods.

Text Camilla Alfthan, photos Marc Hom, Scandinavian Living, 2002.

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